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Domtower Utrecht - NL
Domtower: 112 meters tall

city-arms of Utrecht
City-arms of Utrecht

Bellringing in Utrecht

Utrecht is the most important 'bell-ring city' in The Netherlands: it has more than 100 churchbells, amongst them 20 mediaeval ones. The Domtower is with its 112 meters the tallest churchtower in the country. All the bells of the Domtower are still rung by hand. The volunteers who ring the bells of the Domtower and two other mediaeval churchtowers in the inner city of Utrecht are members of the UKG: The UtrechtsKlokkenluiders Gilde [The Utrecht Bellringers Guild]. The UKG has 45 bell-ringing volunteers and more than 300 supporting members. The UKG was founded in 1979. 

The bells of the Domtower
The Netherlands has no change-ring-tradition but it has a long (and world-famous!) carillon-tradition. The tower has a Hemony-carillon counting 50 bells mainly dating from 1663/1664. The carillon is placed in the third section, the open upper part of the tower (at 70 meters). The official town-carillonplayer is Arie Abbenes. For information about this carillon visit the site  "The carillon in the Domtower of Utrecht" (in dutch).
At 50 meters, in de second section, it also has a peal of  14 (ringing)bells (7 of them date from 1505/1506) together they weigh ± 32.000 kilogrammes. The largest, the Salvator (dating from 1505) has a weight of more than 8.200 kilogrammes: it takes four persons to ring this bell. In 1505 Geert van Wou, in his time the most famous bell-founder of The Netherlands made an impressive harmonious peal of 13 bells. The 7 smaller ones were sold in 1664 to finance the new carillon founded by the brothers Francois and Pieter Hemony.
The construction of the tower was completed in 1382. In 1982 on the occasion of the 600th 'anniversary' 7 new bells were made by the Dutch bell-foundry Royal Eijsbouts in Asten to replace the ones that disappeared in 1664.

More information
We can't offer you standard information in English, but if you have any questions about bells and bell-ringing in Utrecht or about the Utrecht Bellringers Guild, you're welcome to contact us by email and we will try to give you a personal answer. Our postal address is: Secretariaat UKG, Postbus 19175, 3501 DD Utrecht - The Netherlands

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